Crafter’s Market 2016: How to Sell Your Crafts and Make a Living


The single resource to make your craft your career!Crafter's Market 2016 is the perfect start to your crafting career. This comprehensive guide will introduce you to a whole new world of possibilities for marketing your craft. Editor Kerry Bogert, author of Totally Twisted and Rustic Wrappings and knitting, crochet and jewelry acquisitions editor for Interweave, will help you start or expand your business with completely updated resources, such as:More than 400 new listings for complete, up-to-date contacts and guidelines for submissions for a total of more than 1,400 craft market resources, including craft shows, magazines, book publishers, online marketplaces and more!Markets for a variety of crafts, including quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet, papercraft and jewelry making.Informative, inspirational articles on hosting creative retreats, managing your time on the internet, growing your business through Pinterest, how to handle custom orders and setting up and utilizing e-Newslette

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Annie Sloan s Chalk Paint® Workbook: A Practical Guide to Mixing Color and Making Style Choices

Annie Sloan s Chalk Paint® Workbook: A Practical Guide to Mixing Color and Making Style Choices

Annie Sloan brings you a creative workbook for all your color and design ideas. Paint and sketch, stick and collect, write and reflect--Annie Sloan's Paint Workbook is a creative journal for all of your colorful thoughts and design inspirations. Divided into six themed chapters - Swedish and Neoclassical, Bohemian and Vintage, French Elegance, Rustic Country, Coastal, and Modern Retro and Warehouse--Annie gives you her own personal decorating hints and tips about the colors and elements that make up these key decorating styles. Whether you're redecorating a room and can't decide on the color scheme, covering some pillows and having problems choosing between fabrics, or simply in need of somewhere to sketch out your ideas, this workbook is a space in which you can jot down your thoughts, and play with different shades and patterns. There are pages on which you can write notes, stick in images, draw shapes, paint color samples, and experiment with your style. There are also six pocketed

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Antique Glass (Starting to Collect)

Antique Glass (Starting to Collect)

Glass is among the most widely collected of all antiques. Since ancient times, the delicacy and beauty of glass has delighted collectors and brought riches to the craftsmen who could transform melted sand into objects of art, function and mystery.John Sandon looks beyond the valuable rarities. Carefully chosen illustrations focus on available specimens, offering practical advice to novice collectors. Where should you buy? How do you recognize quality? How do you avoid the many clever fakes? This is the perfect introduction for the beginner.A mine of information, compact and easily portable, lavishly illustrated in color, this book is an unbeatable value for its modest price.

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Mantiques: A Manly Guide to Cool Stuff

Mantiques: A Manly Guide to Cool Stuff

For Benny, it's the taxidermy alligator head holding his TV remote. For Bill, it's a broom carved from a solid hickory branch. For Bob, it's a 1946 Wurlitzer Bubbler Jukebox. These are a few of the finds and heirlooms these collectors call their favorite 'mantique.' Like Benny tells his guests when they step into his 1,000-square-foot apartment packed with taxidermy and tobacciana: "This isn't Rooms to Go."Mantiques: A Manly Guide to Cool Stuff takes you inside these collections and more as it humorously surveys the weird and wonderful vintage stuff dudes like best, through more than 400 full-color photographs, while documenting the rise of mantiques as big business all over the world. Each chapter features today's hottest mantiques with complete descriptions and recent auction values.Topics range from how a gentleman should wear an authentic, vintage Aloha Shirt to how to pick your first Patek Philippe to why first-gen Apple computers now bring more than $600,000 at auction. Chapters

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Collecting Costume Jewelry 101: The Basics of Starting, Building & Upgrading (Identification & Value Guide)

Collecting Costume Jewelry 101: The Basics of Starting, Building & Upgrading (Identification & Value Guide)

This book provides beginning collectors with friendly one-on-one advice on how to begin a collection and how to recognize good quality costume jewelry. Background information for almost 130 different manufacturers, including the author's recommendations on which pieces from each designer are the most collectible, are provided. Over 750 color photographs of costume jewelry that is within the means of most collectors are featured. There are also tips on how to upgrade a collection by selling to dealers, selling on eBay, and trading with friends; tips on how to catalog a collection using a spread sheet or a notebook; and tips on repairing, storing, and cleaning jewelry. A glossary of jewelry terms and an index of patent and design numbers round out the book. 2004 values. REVIEW: This book is a companion to the Standard Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass, 9th Edition, but can also stand alone as a handy reference guide to take along on your glass searches. Thousands of patterns, from Absentee

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Vintage Radios (Crowood Collectors’)

Vintage Radios (Crowood Collectors

Since the 1920s, the radio set has been an important part of most people's lives. In the thirties and forties, the wireless was an important piece of furniture and a potent symbol of status; beautifully made floor-standing and table-top sets in veneered wood and trendy bakelite became the focal points of living rooms up and down the land. After the war, the emphasis began to change towards portability, and the change from valves to transistors in the 1960s changed the radio into a more useful, but far less interesting object.

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The Shopkeeper’s Home: The World’s Best Independent Retailers and their Stylish Homes

The Shopkeeper

Have you ever wondered what the homes of the owners of these beautiful retail spaces might be like? Caroline Rowland visits both the stores and the homes of more than 30 of the most stylish independent lifestyle retailers to give you a peek behind the scenes.The first part of the book gives core interior decorating advice using elements from the shopkeepers' stores and homes. It describes inspirational furniture and lighting ideas, suggests ways to store and display everything from books to quirky collections, and offers advice on layout, walls and floors too.Caroline Rowland uses the second half to take us through her personal curationof independent stores from across the globe. Ranging from lifestyle stores to vintage emporia, homewares to crafts shops in all kinds of retail spaces, from converted barns to repurposed gas stations as well as more conventional places with traditional shopfronts. From the avenues of the USA and the streets of the UK, to hidden corners of Europe, the boo

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American Pickers Guide to Picking

American Pickers Guide to Picking

A true adventure story and the go-to guide for "picking" American treasures from anyone's backyard, straight from the stars of History's American PickersIn these pages, professional treasure hunters Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz chronicle their road trips across the American countryside in search of "rusty gold" to buy and sell among the picking world's one-of-a-kind characters. Whether you are a fan of the show or just like finding hidden riches, you will love seeing what Wolfe and Fritz dig up and enjoy meeting the devoted collectors, extreme stockpilers, and elite dealers who they encounter along the way.Wolfe and Fritz do not deal in fine antiques. Their secondhand treasures are of the down-and-dirty and sometimes even bizarre variety, from old bicycles and vintage tools, to sun-bleached cars and handmade furniture, retired carnival games and unusual taxidermy. Assisted by Danielle Colby, who helps out at Antique Archaeology, Wolfe and Fritz buy on the cheap and then sell to dealers,

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Ladies’ Vintage Accessories: Identification & Value Guide


Featured are hats, purses, hankies, gloves, fans, parasols, hosiery, shoes, aprons, and capes. This book is a compelling photo study of the styles for each era - Victorian, Edwardian, Roaring Twenties, Depression, WWII, Fabulous Fifties, and Modern - and identification and value guide for collectors of vintage fashion. 2003 values. REVIEW: This book covers the accessories that women have used over the past 150 years, some pieces dating back even earlier to 1820, like a parasol from the Jackson-Decatur debates. A glimpse into the closets and trunks of the author, a private collector for over 30 years, reveals many parts of ensembles of ladies from the past.

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